Now the election is almost here, we urge you to #VoteTactically wherever you are against the Tory candidate. This feels like the most critical election in living memory. If we pull together and put country before tribal identities, we can deny Boris a majority.

See our film below on what Brexit means for the NHS, and what’s at risk with this election. And see latest tactical voting info here:


Where will you be on Saturday? If you can make it to London, please join us and a whole bunch of other amazing anti-Brexit campaigners to say NO to Boris, YES to Europe!

Here’s Alexandra Philips, Green Party MEP on why it’s so important for us to stay in the EU, and why it’s crucial to march this weekend. ALL WELCOME – we’re a very inclusive and happy bunch  :)))

Meet us on the corner of Hamilton Place & Hyde Park Corner at 11:30. We’ll be in pink, you won’t miss us! Love, W4EU xx


Get talking, get voting!

Happy No Brexit Day no.2 everyone!

With the elections to the European Parliament fast approaching, tonight seemed like a good night to share a call-to-arms from a fellow activist. She’s imploring all of us to get TALKING – to our neighbours, families, friends, people at work, on trains or in the shop.

Why is this important?

As she points out, MILLIONS is being spent already on social media advertising to push “No Deal” and encourage people to complain to their MP about Brexit being delayed. We don’t have millions (unfortunately… if anyone wants to fund us please do let us know!).

But – what we do have, and what could be far more powerful, is the power of our own voices; the power of true one-to-one interactions; and the power that comes from knowing our cause is just and we are fighting to protect everyone’s rights.

Here’s her plea to get talking.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. With love & peace, W4EU xx


‘Today, I’m writing to ask you please to do something I know you’ll hate but which I think you’ll agree is good for democracy. Fortunately, it can be done at home, rain or shine.

Millions are being spent on advertising promoting NoDeal even though it will be a calamity. The source of funding is not known. Face to face conversations are the best buttress against ignorance

The conversation is two-fold. Please get people to check if they appear on the Electoral Register. If they do not, it’s easy to sign up online but without delay. Here is the link.
(If the person doesn’t have their National Insurance Number to hand, the NI Number can be retrieved or requested here on

Second, it’s hard to know what candidates will stand, given the short notice. But for now, voters in your area can look here to see who has stood and been elected in the past.

  • The two national parties who have been strong pro-European advocates are Liberal Democrat and Greens; and Greens are international. Also the Yorkshire Party is allied with SNP and Plaid Cymru so safely pro-European.
  • The Labour MEP Richard Corbett I can personally recommend because he has led well.
  • The parties standing in 2014 that wish to reduce rights and break up the EU include: UKIP, Conservative, An Independence from Europe, BNP, English Democrat, No2EU. Also Farage may have a Brexit Party candidate.



If you’re worried about Brexit, please join us and march for all our futures on Saturday 23rd March. We’re taking part in the Women’s Rally together with our fellow campaigners Women For A People’s Vote – speakers will be on from 11:00. Please join us, march with us and shout with us to let the whole world know we don’t want Brexit!

#PutItToThePeople #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote

On Valentine’s Day, we want to say #ThankEU for everything we’ve achieved

Today as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have a couple of updates for you.

First, Susie (our founder) is in Brussels hand-delivering our #LoveLetter to the MEPs who’ve been so supportive of our campaign to #StopBrexit. This letter has been co-signed by a huge range of grassroots groups who are working across the UK day in, day out, campaigning for a People’s Vote and spreading the word about the benefits of our EU membership.

We also turned our letter into a film (below): please share widely.

SC Miriam Dalli & Julie Ward

Huge thanks to Julie Ward MEP who helped arrange our visit, and to Miriam Dalli MEP (from Malta) for taking the time to meet with us and express her support.

Susie handing over letter

And this is the moment when we handed over the letter to Joseph Weidenholzer MEP, whose cross-party letter to the UK a few weeks ago inspired our reply. Huge thanks to you all for taking the time to meet us and for inspiring us to continue the fight.

If you’d like to sign the letter, please add your name in the comments below and we’ll add your name. Here’s our letter:


Huge thanks to all the amazing groups who’ve co-signed. You can see the full list of who it was sent to, and all the groups, by clicking the here: Love letter to the EU FINAL

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love & peace, W4EU xx

Brexit is a feminist issue

This interesting and timely article by Rosie Duffield picks up many of the arguments we’d make against Brexit – and sums them all up neatly in one place. Enjoy, share, and keep the faith: it’s ain’t over till it’s over, and even this close to the March 29th deadline there is still everything to play for.

With love, W4EU x