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W4EU – A5 LEAFLET – We need to talkW4EU – leaflet Women For A People’s VoteW4EU – Nobody voted for thisW4EU – WELCOMEW4EU LETTER TO MPS

Hello again! We’ve spent the last couple of weeks putting together a basic how-to kit if you’re interested in doing a bit of activism, or interested in trying something new. See documents above – please share widely and let us know any feedback or ideas you have that other activists could pick up and run with.

Have a wonderful weekend. As always, you can reach us on Twitter (@women_4_europe) or Facebook (Women4Europe) if you want to get in touch. Resist resist resist! W4EU xx

Downloadable letter to send to your MPs

Hi all – if you’re worried about Brexit, please think about making your voice heard and joining the campaign. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting simple ideas and things you can do here. As a start, here’s a letter you can print off at home, and use to send to your MP. Simply write their name in above the House of Commons address, then fill in your details below. Then fold it into three, sellotape around the edges, add a stamp, and it’s ready to be sent. More to follow. Love, W4EU xW4EU - Letter for MPs

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to Women4Europe – a new, non-partisan, grassroots group of women activists campainging to keep Britain in the EU.

You might have seen our pink banners and t-shirts at the People’s Vote March in June. What a day! So inspiring to march alongside so many thousands of incredible people (guys included!) singing, shouting and showing how strongly they want to #StopBrexit

PLEASE NOTE: We’re in the process of getting a proper website up and running. For up to date news about what we’re doing and how you can get involved, please follow us on Twitter @women_4_europe or else find us on Facebook (click here for our page).

W4EU BANNER V2 - new pink rays v2


Women For Europe is a cross-party grassroots organisation determined to stop Brexit using any democratic means available.

The United Kingdom belongs in the heart of Europe, and our hard-won fundamental rights and protection from discrimination are best assured by EU membership.

We want the next generation to enjoy the opportunities we had, and to continue shaping the Europe that we helped to build. Abandoning our influential place in the EU means our children and grandchildren stand to inherit a lesser world.

Families are already suffering as companies close, jobs go and inflation bites. Recession means vicious, continuing austerity.

Equality is a basic human right, and Brexit Britain threatens all of us. Brexit has unleashed a dangerous xenophobia which we vigorously oppose; and the poisonous hostility towards EU citizens and immigrants must end.

As Millicent Fawcett wrote, “Courage calls to courage everywhere” – and today we call on women across the UK to take a stand against the damage being done to their families and communities.

We are merely the latest in a long line of women whose collaboration has changed the world. Inspired by this illustrious history, W4EU aims to connect and empower women to effect positive change however they can.

Women throughout history have stepped up to the challenges of their times – which is why our logo shows Rosie The Riveter.

Brexit can and must be stopped. Join us. Together We Can Do It!